Vender Registration

Think about the main points.
1) We are giving 2 vendors on each route they want to pay 1000 / – each month.
If you want venadeship on two or more different routes you will have to pay 1000 / – for each route.
2) Your website is new today, it will take time for marketing, you have to do marketing, I can’t say how many bookings will come, I don’t guarantee it.
3) Vendor numbers are displayed on the website, so Customer Direct will call you, how you deal with the customer, what you say, it’s up to you, I will not interfere between you and the customer. You will be solely responsible for it.
4) It will be mandatory to keep a record of every booking you receive, such as customer name, mobile no. Address, driver information assigned to that customer, and cab information. I have to forward it at the end of the month.The customer can be connected with you by making different offers.
5) After the booking is completed, a feedback from you will be given to each of your customers.
6) The vendorship given to you will not be permanent, as long as you are doing good work, providing good service, no one will take that place away from you, I guarantee. But there are some mistakes that can affect the lives of all of us, in which case your vendarship can be canceled without giving you any reason.
7) It is our duty to provide good service, we must do it.
8) You will have to pay 1000 / – of your vendarship till 1-5th of every month. Vendorship of friends whose vendor fee is not paid till 5th of this month, their vendarship can be canceled without telling you. After that you will not get vendarship in this rate Will be charged at that time.
Thank you
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