Top 3 Best Monsoon tourist destination in Maharashtra.

Top 3 Monsoon tourist destination in Maharashtra.

Monsoon tourist destination in Maharashtra, During monsoons, this place has a very pleasant and pleasant atmosphere. Greenery spread all around, gurgling streams, falls from a height, waterfalls, thick fog spread in some places makes the atmosphere very pleasant, at such a time such a trip should be done with your partner.

Some tourists are also seen enjoying the rain. Today we are going to tell you some such tourist places. Where you can spend time with your partner, family, give them time, and enjoy the monsoons. These places should be seen before the monsoons, i.e. before September.

Monsoon tourist destination -1 Lonavala-khandala

Monsoon Tourist Destination In Maharashtra

Monsoon, greenery, waterfalls, thick fog, the name of the tourist spots suggests Lonavala Khandala, a small but famous hill station situated in the Western Ghats, 90 km from Mumbai and 70 km from Pune, Lonavala can be named as a famous tourist spot in Pune district Monsoon tourist destination.

While Lonavala attracts tourists for 12 months, the fun of monsoons is something else. Lonavala Khandala is a place where you can enjoy the rain by enjoying the rain. bhushi dam here is very famous place, Sometimes tourists have to be banned from coming here for the safety of tourists. But tourists do not seem to be decreasing.

Monsoons Tourist Destination places here are lion point, bhushi dam, loanavala dam, lonavala waterfall, tungarli lake, bhaja waterfall which we can enjoy during monsoon.

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Monsoon Tourist Destination – 2 Malshej Ghat:

Malshej ghat

An important part of Monsoon tourist destination , so you can see the ghats, the high peaks here, and waterfalls cascading down from them during the monsoons. There are waterfalls everywhere, In terms of tourism, parking facilities for cars have also been provided here. So the tourists can enjoy it to their heart’s content. The atmosphere here is very beautiful and charming. Hence tourists are attracted here.

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Monsoon tourist destination – 3 Mahabaleshwar Panchgani:


Known as the paradise of Maharashtra, a famous tourist spot and hill station in Satara district at a distance of 120 km from Pune, this tourist spot attracts tourists for twelve months and attracts tourists with its beauty even during the rainy season Monsoons Tourist Destination.

Mahabaleshwar’s rainy season is characterized by dense fog, and verdant mountains, waterfalls cascading from high heights. As it is close to Pune, it is crowded with tourists on weekends. Sometimes the administration has to issue ban orders too.

The fun of walking with your favorite person in such a place is different, while walking around Mahabaleshwar in the rain, you would be enchanted by the mantra. One should visit Mahabaleshwar Panchgani once during the rainy season.

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