Best Tourist Places in Beed District.

Best Tourist Places in Beed District.

Tourist places in Beed District places of interest at a distance from Beed city. In this we can see Puranic temples, historical forts, historical structures, lakes, waterfalls, ancient temples, ancient structures. We are going to include such places.

The city of Beed is situate in the valley of Bindusara river at the foot of Bala Gad mountain. Beed is also call as Champavati city. This name was derived from the name of Queen Champavati of the Chalukya period It is found in history that Queen Champavati ruled over Beed. Around this city we can also see fortifications and also some historical ones. There are many small and big tourist places, religious places and historical places in Beed city. Beautiful Tourist Places in Beed District

The city of Beed has mythological as well as historical significance, The battle between Ravana and Jatayu in the Ramayana. is said to have taken place in this land Also, as revenge for the defeat of the Marathi army at Panipat during the Peshwa period, the Nizamshahi was defeate at Rakshas Bhavan in Beed district. Due to which the Marathas gained strength. And Marathi Shahi got glory. Visit during Tourist Places in Beed District

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Tourist Places in Beed District.


Kankleshwar Temple

Major tourist as well as sightseeing spot in the city. There is an ancient temple of Lord Shiva. This temple has a water pond on four sides And in this there is a temple. best Tourist Places in Beed District

Many fish can be seen in this lake. The construction of this temple is Hemadpanthi style. Kankaleshwar construction of this temple is in such a way that the rays of the sun fall on the Shivlinga at sunset. The construction of this temple is hexagonal.

  • Khandeshwari temple

  • Bindusara dam

The dam is situate someplace close by The Hills and is a beautiful place to spend time together with your loved ones.

During the monsoons, the overflowing water after the lake fills attracts tourists . Tourists enjoy getting wet in the overflowing water.

Bindusara Dam supplies water to the city of Beed. beautiful dam in Tourist Places in Beed District

  • Khajana well

  • Hajrat shahnshavali Dargah

Shahinshah Wali Tomb is a small mausoleum devote to Shahinshah Wali, who was a Sufi saint during the period of Muhammad Bin Tughlaq within the 14th century. Even although the exact historical past of the tomb is still unknown, it is said to have been built in the course of the Mughal dynasty in the sixteenth century

  • Kapildhar Watarfall
Tourist Places in Beed
Kapildhar waterfall

This place is 20 km from Beed city.

The waterfall at Kapil dhar has become the main attraction of Beed district During the rainy season, it is a festival for tourists . This very beautiful waterfall attracts tourists during monsoons

  • Shri Manmath Swami Temple
Shri Manmath Swami Temple  Tourist Places in Beed District

Manmath Swamy has a chance at Kapil dhar.

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Tourist places near Beed city.

  • Navagaon rajuri

Navagan Rajuri is a place 12 km from Beed city. Navgan Ganpati temple here is famous Devotees visit here every Chaturthi

  • Mohatadevi Temple

Mohata Devi temple is at a distance of 70 km from Beed. There is a temple of Mohata Devi who is an avatar of Renuka Devi. Devotees from Beed and Ahmed Nagar districts visit here A big yatra is held here on Chaitra Poornima. Yatra is also held here during Navratri

  • Bhagawan Gad

Bhagawan gad is 61 km from Beed city. Shri Bhagwan Baba as well as Shri Bhimsinh Baba have a Samadhi here. Devotees throng here every Ekadashi like the Varkari Sampradaya.

  • Shri kshetr Nagad Narayan Gad
Shri Nagad Narayan Gad

Shri Kshetra nagad is constructe as at beautiful Narayan Gad. The temple here has three Shikhar.

The temple here has the vithhal Rukhmini temple, Mahadev temple, as well as the Samadhyas of eight saints In one main chance three saints’ tombs are together.

  • Vaidyanath Jyotirlinga Temples

  • Shri Mukund Maharaj Temple

  • Shri Yogeshwari Temple

  • Soutada Waterfall and Shiv Temple

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