Silvassa One day trip From Mumbai By Private Cab – Visit the Beauty of nature.

Are you looking to experience the beauty of nature and culture in one day? Consider a Silvassa One day trip from Mumbai! This coastal city is full of picturesque sights, delicious food, and captivating experiences. Plus, with Silvassa One day trip From Mumbai by private cab from Mumbai, you can make the most of your time in Silvassa without worrying about transportation. From visiting historical sites to experiencing rural life up close, explore the best of what this city has to offer on your Silvassa One day trip From Mumbai by Private Cab!

The purpose of the One day trip From Mumbai by private cab is to provide travelers with a convenient and comfortable way to explore the scenic beauty and cultural richness of Silvassa, located just a few hours away from Mumbai. The private cab tour offers flexibility, comfort, and the opportunity to take in the sights and sounds of Silvassa at a relaxed pace, without the hassle of navigating public transport or navigating unfamiliar roads.

The tour is an ideal option for travelers who are looking for a hassle-free and memorable day trip experience, without sacrificing comfort and convenience. Mumbai is a great city to explore but if you are looking for some offbeat destinations, Silvassa is the perfect place. With its serene beauty and picturesque views, there’s something special about Silvassa. If you are planning a Silvassa One day trip From Mumbai by private cab,

A private cab is an important aspect of the one day trip to Silvassa from Mumbai for several reasons:

  1. Convenience: A private cab offers a stress-free and convenient way to get from Mumbai to Silvassa. You can start the tour at your desired time, without having to worry about the schedule or frequency of public transportation.
  2. Flexibility: With a private cab, you have the flexibility to stop, take photos, and explore the places you want to see along the way. You can also adjust your itinerary as you go, without having to worry about missing your next ride.
  3. Comfort: Private cabs offer a comfortable ride with air conditioning, ample legroom, and a dedicated driver who will ensure a safe and smooth journey.
  4. Privacy: A private cab provides a more intimate and personal experience, allowing you to enjoy your tour with your travel companions, without having to worry about sharing your space with strangers.
  5. Time efficiency: Hiring a private cab eliminates the need to wait for public transportation or navigate unfamiliar routes, saving time and allowing you to make the most of your one day tour.

Overall, the importance of a private cab for the tour lies in its ability to offer a comfortable, flexible, and convenient travel experience, without sacrificing privacy or time efficiency.

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Itinerary Of Mumbai to Silvassa One day trip by Private cab.

The pick-up will be from Mumbai between 6.00 am and 7.00 am

Famous tourist places In Silvassa.DurationMore Information
Balaji Temple Of SIlvassa,30 min
Our lady of piety Chiurch,30 Min.
Tribal Museum,45 Min.
Silvassa Vasona Lion Safari45 Min.
BAPS Shri Swami Narayan temple,45 Min.
Vadhana Garden,45 Min.
Om Temple45 Min.
Hirwa Van Garden.45 Min.

Your location in Mumbai will be dropped off before 9.00pm

Highlights of Mumbai to Silvassa One day tour by Private cab.

  • Duration: Total Duration Morning 07.00 am to 9.00pm (12 – 15 hr) Full Day Mumbai to Silvassa One day tour packgae by cab
  • Neat And Clean Private Cab )Not Shared)
  • Experienced Cab Drivers.
  • AC Cab
  • Pickup & Drop From Home / Hotel From Mumbai.
  • Tourist places In Silvassa: Balaji Temple Of SIlvassa, Our lady of piety Chiurch, Tribal Museum, Silvassa Vasona Lion Safari, BAPS Shri Swami Narayan temple, Vadhana Garden, Om Temple and Hirwa Van Garden.

You can explore some of the best places in the city like Balaji Temple Of SIlvassa, Our lady of piety Chiurch, Tribal Museum, Silvassa Vasona Lion Safari, BAPS Shri Swami Narayan temple, Vadhana Garden, Om Temple and Hirwa Van Garden. Get ready for an exciting Silvassa One day trip From Mumbai with us to explore the beauty of Silvassa!

Package for One day trip to Silvassa From Mumbai by cab.


Hatchback Cab

4 Person Seating Capacity,

(Indica, Ritz, WagonR, Celerio etc. )

Price One day TripRs. 5499

Price Two day Trip (600 Km Limit) Rs. 8999*


Sedan Cab

4 Person Seating Capacity,

Dzire, Etios, Indigo, Xcent Etc.

Price One day Trip: Rs. 5999

Price Two day Trip (600 Km Limit) Rs. 9499*



6 Person Seating Capacity,

Ertiga, Xylo, Lodgy, Tuv300 etc.

Price One day TripRs. 7999

Price Two day Trip (600 Km Limit) Rs. 11999*

* If traveling Between9.00pm to 6.00 am Night charges apply 500/Night

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What Is Included and Not Included In Mumbai To Silvassa Same day trip by cab?

Including Package

  • Pick-Up And Drop From Hotel Or Home
  • Selected Cab Charges.
  • Driver Charges.
  • Toll Charges.
  • Parking Charges.

Excluding Package

  • Multiple Pickup And Drop.
  • Accommodation.
  • Food (Lunch, Breakfast, or any Food.)
  • Entry Fee. (Some Places Charge Entry Fee

For Booking One day trip to Silvassa From Mumbai by cab.

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Places Covered and Information Silvassa One day trip From Mumbai by cab.

Balaji Temple Of Silvassa, overed in Mumbai to Silvassa one day tour

Balaji Temple Of Silvassa,

Tirupati Balaji Temple is run by the Tirupati Kanchi Charitable Trust in Shitwasa. The temple houses the idols of Lord Tirupati Balaji and Lord Kashi Vishwanath. The main shrines in this temple include Balaji Padmavati Saraswati Hanuman and Kashi Vishwanath Kashi Vishwa Laksh Kartikeya Lord Siddhivinayak Lord Shiva Parivar and Navagraha Mandali.

The construction of this temple is based on Southern architecture and the main gate is named as Rajagopalapuram. This temple is located in Amli village in Silvasa of Dadra Nagar Haveli. The main attraction of this temple is its beautiful design. Such Beautiful Balaji temple visit during Silvassa One day trip From Mumbai.

Mumbai to Silvassa one day tour covered Our lady of piety church

Our lady of piety Church,

The discussion in front of the Tribal Museum is the oldest church in the area Built in the 18th century, it is famous for its magnificent Catholic architecture and is associated with the Sagrada Familia in Churchill. Sarkhada Family is a great design and the famous architect of that time Antoni Gauda has created this discussion.

The seating arrangement in this church is so beautiful and the wooden chairs used in it are very impressive. Famous paintings are carved on the walls of this church, so it changes the tourist’s view of this church. The rich colors of the windows of this church add to the magnificence You can visit this church when it is open for tourists and devotees from 7 am to 7 pm

Tribal Museum covered in Mumbai to Silvassa sightseeing package

Tribal Museum,

Asa Silvasa Tribal Museum is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city. This museum has exhibits based on the life of various tribal groups. This collection serves to inform us about the origin of various caste tribes and their development over time The museum houses hunting tools like bows spears knives used by tribal tribes.

This collection of objects includes ornaments used in tribal life as well as handmade ornaments, utensils of daily use and replicas of various tribal festivals as well as clay sculptures. Also in this museum you can see their musical instruments like earlier Dhol Madal you can see here.

Here you can see small dolls with mythological characters and their handmade masks In this museum, we get to see the small and big things of tribal life by closely observing the tribal life. Therefore, tourists visit this place more than usual. Famous tourist attraction covered in Silvassa One day trip From Mumbai

Silvassa Vasona Lion Safari famous in Mumbai to Silvassa sightseeing package

Silvassa Vasona Lion Safari,

Vasona Line Safari Park is a paradise for those who study wildlife or seek wildlife information. Here the wild life park is spread over an area of ​​20 acres And it is surrounded by a three meter high wall. In this jungle safari, we get to see tigers, pythons and other wild animals. This park has been developed for the protection of Asiatic tigers. Vasona Line Park is located at a distance of ten kilometers from Silvassa and is open for tourists from 9 am to 5 pm.

BAPS Shri Swami Narayan temple best temple in Mumbai to Silvassa sightseeing package

BAPS Shri Swami Narayan temple,

Swaminarayan Temple located in Silvassa is a modern temple dedicated to Lord Swaminarayan. This temple is situated on the bank of Damanganga in Silvassa. This temple is dedicated to the Swaminarayan sect which is part of Hinduism. The temple has a main hall where the mysteries of Swamiji’s life and his history are documented in pictorial form.

Vadhana Garden,

Om Temple

Om Temple

Silvassa One day trip From Mumbai by cab.

Hirwa Van Garden.

The best time to visit Silvassa

A. Climate and weather conditions: Silvassa experiences a tropical climate with high humidity levels and temperatures ranging from 25-35°C. The monsoon season, from June to September, is characterized by heavy rainfall, while the rest of the year remains relatively dry.

B. Festivals and events:

  1. Holi: Celebrated with vibrant colors, music, and dance in late February or early March.
  2. Diwali: The festival of lights, celebrated in October or November with fireworks and decorating homes with lights.
  3. Navratri: A nine-day festival honoring the Hindu goddess Durga, celebrated in September or October with traditional dance performances and feasts.

C. Reasons to visit Silvassa during different seasons:

  1. Summer (March to May): This is the ideal time to visit Silvassa if you enjoy warm weather and outdoor activities.
  2. Monsoon (June to September): Monsoon season offers a picturesque view of the lush, green landscape and is ideal for nature lovers.
  3. Winter (October to February): Winter is the best time to visit Silvassa for those who prefer cooler weather and festivals like Diwali and Holi.

In conclusion, the best time to visit Silvassa depends on your personal preferences and interests. Whether you prefer to bask in the warm sun or explore the lush, green landscapes during the monsoon season, Silvassa offers something for everyone throughout the year.


A. Summary of the Mumbai to Silvassa one day tour by private cab: A Mumbai to Silvassa one day tour is the perfect way to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and immerse yourself in the natural beauty and rich culture of this charming town. With a private cab, you can travel in comfort and convenience, stopping at popular tourist destinations, local markets, and enjoying adventure activities along the way.

B. Final thoughts and recommendations: Visiting Silvassa is an excellent way to experience the beauty and diversity of India. Whether you’re interested in history, culture, nature, or adventure, there’s something for everyone in this charming town. We recommend visiting popular tourist destinations such as the Vanganga Lake & Garden, Tribal Cultural Museum, and Hirwa Van Garden, as well as trying your hand at local street shopping and adventure activities like kayaking and ziplining.

C. Encouragement to plan the trip and enjoy the journey: So, what are you waiting for? Plan your one day tour from Mumbai to Silvassa today and experience all that this charming town has to offer. Whether you’re traveling with family, friends, or solo, Silvassa is sure to leave you with memories to last a lifetime. Enjoy the journey and savor every moment of your visit to this beautiful and unique destination.

Terms and conditions:

Passengers are requested that the package given is one day and there is a time constraint. The package is shown in the place mentioned above. You cannot modify it. If you want to make a change, let us know in advance, If possible, it will be considered and guided accordingly.

I want to tell you how much time you want to give to which place. Because you want to finish your trip in the allotted time. If this does not happen, you may be charged a separate charge for extra time, depending on the cab category, Talk to your cap service provider.

Pictures are our root, so if you want to change it, you have to tell it in advance.
If a place is closed for any reason, another place will be moved to that place if possible. If there is a parking charge for a longer period of time than the allotted time at a place, then you will have to pay the parking charge for the extra time.

You should have the facility up to the parking area near the place given above. If the place is away from the parking area, do not put pressure on the driver to take you to that place.

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